Hello Jessica!

We warmly welcome our new colleague Jessica to us! She is our new Quality & Improvement manager. In order for us to get to know her we have asked her a few questions.
  • Tell us a bit about yourself Jessica:

I'm originally from Vessigebro, outside of Falkenberg. I moved to Lerum in 2008 after some adventures abroad and I had completed my education at Lund University. I like early mornings, I am a mother of two girls and compensate for the hectic family life with yoga and being out in nature, which also includes the garden

  • What did you do before you joined us?
    I worked at Libabröd with quality and before that as quality manager at Styckmästarn who unfortunately went bankrupt in the spring of 2020. I have spent most professional years in the pharmaceutical industry, but I think the food industry is so much more fun.

  • What made you apply for the job?
    Several friends told me about it and when I read the add it felt like it was made for me. I was curious about the products and the company and I quickly got a good impression of the company and their work with quality issues. Being able to work within the municipality's borders and the opportunity to go by bike also felt like a wonderful bonus.

  • What are you most looking forward to in your new role as our quality manager?
    To work in a Willy Wonka factory  :) Also it's very fun to be part of the journey when Bars Production develops the food of the future. I think that there is much to gain with a well-functioning quality system.

  • Describe yourself with 3 words:

Empathetic, thorough and fair

  • How does a really good day off look like for you?

I wake up well rested. A walk or some yoga and maybe a morning dip in the sea (note: during summer time). After that a nice breakfast and then adventures in nature with my family. In the evening, dinner with friends or family. The evening ends with board games and a good wine.

Welcome to Bars Production Jessica, we are happy to have you in our team and look forward to continuing to improve and develop with you!


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    At the end of 2019, we started to build our second production plant, named Gudrun. It is located about 300m from our current factory, Rune, and we will in the future produce in both factories. You may be wondering what the name Gudrun comes from? The name came about because our current factory, which we call Rune, has his “name day” the same day as Gudrun (Name day is a thing in Sweden. Every day in the calendar has two names and if you want to, you can “celebrate” when your day comes), so what better suited than naming our new factory Gudrun? We will of course celebrate that day with a Swedish FIKA.

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