About us

Bars Production is a family owned business that today runs together with first and second generation. Our factory is located in Gråbo, about 3 km outside Gothenburg.

It all started with Runes Specialbageri AB, which produced almond biscuits. It was founded by Björn Enenge, with the background of building industrial bakeries and Arne Schelander who had a meringue bakery before.

We started as a bar producer 2000 when the first production took place and in 2003 Bars Production AB was founded.

We have since then been a growing company that have built our success with a clear focus on productionflexibility and innovation.

Manufacturing is currently taking place in our factory Rune in Gråbo, but in order to expand our capacity and our possibilities for the production of bars, construction of our next factory Gudrun, about 300m from Rune is under construction.

                                                                  RUNE                                                                                                                                     GUDRUN

 Bars Production, protein bar producer, Rune factoryBars Production, bar manufacturing, Gudrun factory