Bar manufacturing

Manufacturing of private label protein bars is our main business and we can help you develop a personalised recipe according to your wishes. What type of bar, size, taste, texture? What is your focus and thoughts behind your product? There are endless variants!

At Bars Production AB do you have many possibilities with different ingredients and flavors to create a custom made bar for your needs. Bars with one layer, dual layers, bars with crisp, bars with filling, bars with topping – we can do them all!

Today, our bar production is nut-free.

Here are some of the most common bars we make:

  • Protein bars
  • Energy bars
  • Raw bars
  • Vegan bars
  • Low sugar / no sugar added
  • Gluten free

Bars with single layer

Single layer protein bar manufacturerSingle layer protein bar development

Bars with dual layers

Dual layer protein bars manufacturingDouble layer protein bars producer

                                      Snack bar                                                                                        Bars with topping

Snack protein bar private label manufactured in Sweden/EuropeProtein bar with topping

Bars with filling

Protein bars with fillingBars with fillings


Protein bars manufactured with fillings

Bars with topping and filling

Protein bars manufactured with fillings and toppingProtein bars produced with fillings and topping

                                Bar without coating                                                                      Bars with coating

Energy bar without coatingWhite label protein bars with coating

                    Double dipped protein bar                                                                      

Double coated protein bar