Private label manufacturer of bars in Sweden.

Bars Production is a private label supplier and our major focus is product development and production of protein bars. We have since the start developed the company to be a flexible subcontractor for our customers.

We help you all the way from idea to finishes product. Do you want help with developing and manufacturing a specific bar that is aimed at your target group? Then you've found the right place! Product development, packaging, manufacturing - we help you with from idea to delivery!


  • Private label protein bars customized for your target group!

    Are you looking for someone that can help developing and producing a specific protein bar, that also is aimed to your target group? Bars Production help you all the way from idea to finished product – with everything from product development, packaging and manufacturing.

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  • Hello Sofia!

    We wish our new colleague and product developer Sofia welcome to us! In order for you to quickly get to know her a little, we asked her to answer some questions below.

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  • Gudrun

    At the end of 2019, we started to build our second production plant, named Gudrun. It is located about 300m from our current factory, Rune, and we will in the future produce in both factories. You may be wondering what the name Gudrun comes from? The name came about because our current factory, which we call Rune, has his “name day” the same day as Gudrun (Name day is a thing in Sweden. Every day in the calendar has two names and if you want to, you can “celebrate” when your day comes), so what better suited than naming our new factory Gudrun? We will of course celebrate that day with a Swedish FIKA.

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Protein bar manufacturing

Bars Production help you with developing protein bars, for your own requests and preferences. To find your perfect recipe, we have endless of variations and choices such as type of bar, size, taste and texture.

Convey your message with private label protein bars

What is the purpose with your specific product? Convey your message with us at Bars Production! We help you get your message expressed through the packaging.